• Kastinovich

“Oh the Humanity”

Throughout our human history There continues this mystery The two extremes of perspective From those caring to defective

With many tending to forget Near everyone is an asset And no living thing is garbage We have gained so little yardage

Since uneducated humans Cerebrums lacking in lumens Seem unable to value life While causing incredible strife

In support of the coldhearted Pushing for dogmas uncharted That bring karmic consequences Via humane inferences

Which are ripping apart our souls For the ones living kindly roles Seeing this horrid injustice Awaiting poetic justice

Where many simply do not care Yet are beneath the sorter’s glare In its omnipresent vision Awaiting mankind’s decision

To take matters into our hands Voicing our disgust via bands Letting them know it’s our nation We’ll end this galling duration

Knowing these painful tears must stop This immoral top has to drop Placing our country back to light

To turn around this wretched plight

written by Kastinovich

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